Toyota Rav4 is a well-round car that should be on top of your list. Thanks to its high performing engine with excellent fuel utility. Not only is it reliable in driving and safety dynamics, but also boasts some standard features other cars do not. This compact SUV has evolved to be the number one choice for families because it has a beautiful and spacious interior enough for you, your peoples, and baggage.

Toyota Rav4 Production Sequence

Rav4 was first introduced in 1994 as a three or five-door crossover automobile. It came out as the most beneficial car designed along customer feedback. Its design was inspired by need for: the fuel economy and handling of a small compact car, increased room for goods, a high visibility, and an all-time AWD.

  • Toyota Rav4 (1994-2000) was powered by a four-cylinder 3S petroleum engine of 2.0 Litres, which was later boosted by an electronic motor to increase power. Cars came in both FWD and AWD. Power transmission from the engine to the wheels was through a 4-speed automatic gearbox, or a 5-speed manual.
  • Toyota Rav4 (2000-2005) is of four classifications – also called trim levels, defined by different car features. A 1.8L engine of series-1ZZ powered the only 2WD. Two permanent 4WD levels used the engine series-AZ of 2.0L and 2.4L. The last 4WD level was a 2.0L diesel engine. Transmission was manual with 5-speed gears or 4-speed automatic.
  • Toyota Rav4 (2006-2011) saw a great change in mechanics even though the car was offered in only two trims: long and short wheelbase. Capacity increased to 6-cylinder (V-6) 3.5L engines. The diesel engine also increased to 2.2L. Transmission was: manual in 5 or 6-speed gears; or automatic in 4, 5, or 6-speed gears, plus CVT.
  • Toyota Rav4 (2012-2017) ditches the V-6 engine for a four-cylinder block. The highest engine detail remains at 2.5L with emergence of a similar hybrid. Diesel engines also remain at 2.2L. Transmission is manual or automatic in 6-speed, or hybrid (eCVT).
  • Toyota Rav4 (2018-Present) offers four petrol models: LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure and Limited. Also four hybrid models: LE, XLE, XSE, and Limited. All come with the same 2.5L engine tied to an 8-speed automatic transmission that can be increased to 10-speed by CVT. However, the South African trim level GX only offers a manual transmission of 6-speed plus CVT.

Fuel Economy

The Rav4 mileage estimates vary due to many trim levels. The 2WD estimate while driving around town averages 45 kilometers per 3.7litres (one gallon), and 56 kilometers on a highway.

The 4WD will use up more of your fuel so estimates are bound to slightly drop. In the city you will get 35 kilometers per gallon, and 43-50 kilometers on a highway.

Toyota Rav4

Balanced Handling, High Performance

The 2.5L puts out about 203 horsepower that is easily converted by a smart gearbox to allow swift speeding on the highway.

Acceleration is smooth. It’s picked up and maintained by a solid suspension system. At the very end, wheels have a raised ground clearance so potholes will be absorbed calmly.

You not only negotiate corners effectively, but also get off-road with full confidence in AWD.

Sport Utility Body

This car comes with extra standard features unavailable in its rivals. Among them: a satellite radio, privacy glass, rear spoiler, steel wheels, and their covers.

Classy, Roomy Interior

Rav4 has the most space for your cargo in comparison to other competitive compact SUVs. Five people will also sit in uniquely stitched leather seats with adequate room to move their feet.

A seven-inch infotainment screen, stereo system, and climate control knobs, are some of the control features that help spice up your ride.

Front visibility presents such a nice view. Plus you get to enjoy it from different angles owing to the great adjustment range of the steering wheel and driver’s seat.

Safety is Check

Standard safety measures also found in other compact crossover SUVs include: airbags, child locks, automatic emergency braking, lane trace/keep assist, and forward collision warning.

Advanced features entail more cameras and sensors to help park and navigate in reverse or any weather.


  • High-standard fuel economy.
  • Spacious cargo room.
  • High acceleration.
  • Comfortable quality interior.


  • Noisy engine in high speeds.
  • Transmission hiccup while shifting from high to low gears.

Is Toyota Rav4 the car for you? 

The Rav4 is one of the top-ranking SUVs with a stronger engine and more standard features. Though a bit pricey, this car will give the best bang if you value travelling with family. It’s also recommended for adventurous people like journalists.