The best websites for selling your car


Selling your car these days doesn’t have to be such a tricky thing; it should be easy with the internet age. But the real question is since they’re are so many platforms out there, which among them all could be rated as the best when it comes to selling your car?

Some time ago, selling a car used to be a pain. There were few options, such as taking the car to a dealer who would but it off and sells one of their cars to you. This wasn’t such a good deal considering they would really buy the car at a very low price since they would want to make a profit when reselling it.


Advertising it in a local newspaper such as the Mart and the Exchange was another viable option available. Still, it had its demerits, such as a countless number of calls and ridiculously low offers. When this strategy doesn’t bear a fruit, one had to park the car everywhere they go, and they would have a notice on the widescreen reading “For Sale”. Barely would one get a call since that’s relaying on the hope that a buyer magically would pop up and call that number.

Thankfully, we are in the age of the internet, and much of these things have changed. Today there are countless ways to sell your car online, and they’re much more effective and cheaper than the traditional methods above. These days, you can get value for your car since you can be able to compare the market price, and eventually, you will end up getting a good deal.

So today, we have some of the best websites for selling your car, and below are some of the choices we have for you.


The best websites for selling your car are

  1. Selling your car to a car buying service
  2. Selling your car via a traditional ad
  3. Motorway
  4. Kazoo
  5. We Buy Any Car
  6. Auto Trader
  7. eBay Motors
  8. Gumtree
  9. Facebook Marketplace




  1. Selling Your Car To A Car Buying Service


These days, car buying services have become one of the most popular places one should try selling their car. If you need to get rid of the car quicker and in a way that’s convenient for you, then this is an ideal place to try out. For some people, this would be a convenient way of selling their car since they won’t bargain so much with the buyer, and strangers won’t have to visit their homes. Selling the car directly to the end-user will get you better money than trading in your car with another.


  1. Selling Your Car Via A Traditional Ad


Selling your car via a traditional ad is one of the best options you could go for when selling your car. Some of the available options are Gumtree and Auto Trader. However, when you go this route, always be cautious not to get ripped off. Also, be warry of money launderers and fake money when dealing with individual buyers.


  1. Motorway



Using motorway, you are guaranteed to sell your car in a quick way to an interested dealer. To make this easy work for car sellers, Motorway has simplified the process by enabling the car sellers to key in the registration of the car, its mileage, and that is all. All car dealers who are at the Motorway platform will then give offers to the seller, and whichever offer suits the seller, they can negotiate. Once you come into an agreement with the interested dealer, you are asked to take the car to a local collection point, or the car is collected in your home. Money is usually deposited the same day the car is collected.

Motorway has incorporated many of the major car buyers, recyclers and scrap merchants into the site, making it easy for car sellers to get offers within their locality. If you need to sell your car, Motorway has some of the best prices offers and less hassle.




  1. Kazoo



Kazoo is a perfect example of the shift from traditional selling of cars to the new online car retailing method. Today, the platform has entered into the car-buying arena muscling its way through competitors such as Motorway, and We Buy Any Car. If its previous success is to be replicated into the new venture, then a seismic shift will be witnessed the automotive retailer sector.

The difference between Kazoo and the rest is that the company is seeking cars it can sell itself rather than just being a platform hosting other car dealers or sending its cars to an auction. When you upload your car on the platform, the company will give you an instant guaranteed offer, and one doesn’t have to wait for dealers to submit their bids and peruse, which among them is favorable. If you so wish, you can drop your car to Cazoo’s nearest collection point, and if that’s too much work, you can just pay a £50 fee, and it will be collected on your doorstep.


  1. We Buy Any Car



We Buy Any Car is one of the most popular online car buying sites out there, and its popularity has hugely been influenced by the extensive advertisement that has been through TV and radio. They are also one of the best-rated websites for selling a car in the Trust Pilot rating with over 100,000 customer reviews.

Like Motorways and We Buy Any Car website, you enter the mileage and car registration into the site and answer a couple of questions such as the number of previous owners, service history, and other queries that determine the final offer on the price.

If the car is in good condition and you agree to the offer you have to take it to the company’s nearest outlet. Also, bear in mind that the online offer is subject to change depending on the inspection report, so just be open to such changes.

There is also a transaction fee you have to pay for cars, but it varies depending on the amount of the car is valued. The transaction fee varies from £50 to £200.




  1. Auto Trader



To some of you, Auto Trader was the go-to magazine back in the day you would go for when looking for a used car. Today Auto Trader has metamorphosed into an online-only service. Due to its remarkable reputation since its inception as a magazine, many people usually make their stopover to Auto Trader when looking for a used car online. With such huge traffic, then your car as the seller has the potential to be seen by more eyelids.

Today Auto Trader has turned to be an advertisement platform where they offer services of putting your car in front of their huge traffic of potential buyers. Like any other classified site out there, the mechanics of selling, such as viewing and price, is left in the seller’s hands to control. When you visit the site, you will be offered useful information regarding how to sell your car quicker, selling guides, ads creation material, and a few do’s and don’ts.

Just you know it’s not free to place an ad on auto trader as you have to pay about £37 for the basic package lasting 2 weeks and £75 for the ultimate package.




  1. eBay Motors


Probably you are very familiar with one of the biggest eCommerce websites on earth today, eBay. There is a vehicle section on the website which works the same way other sections work when selling stuff on eBay. On the website, you can set up the bidding price and the reserve price and also, you can set but now, which will make the car available immediately to the buyer when they buy it.

What exempts eBay from other classifieds sites is that it takes care of the major headache, which is payments? When you are a seller, you normally get the money before you release the car, unlike other classifieds sites, which leave you to handle the money issue with the buyer. eBay isn’t free since you will have to pay £15 to list your car and their extras when you include buttons such as Buy now, and you also have to pay 1% of the price paid.


  1. Gumtree


E-Bay owns Gumtree, and when we talk of classifieds sites then Gumtree has its own advantage over eBay. As a seller, you are required to boost ads which are payable for your listing to appear on the front search page. If you have a lower-priced car, then the best place to list it is on Gumtree since these are the majority of cars listed there.

Creating an ad on Gumtree is a simple and seamless process. When you list your car there, the vehicle history will be shown, and there is plenty of information available to guide you through the process. The only downside of Gumtree is they do not have an online payment facility such as eBay’s.


  1. Facebook Marketplace


Facebook is one of the best marketplace one could list their car. It isn’t just a social site where you can see your friend’s timeline posts, but these days they have a section of marketplace. Today marketplace which was launched in 2016, has been growing in popularity, and since the listing is free, it has become the go-to place to try to sell your car.

Facebook marketplace works like any other classified site out there, and you only need to upload the photos of the car and include the details. Interested buyers will inbox you with their offers. The only downside of the Facebook marketplace is that you have to take the risk yourself since Facebook only connects you to a potential buyer, and the rest is up to you to handle.



Above are the best websites for selling your car, and they are some of the most trusted sites out there when you need to sell your car. Always take caution when dealing with buyers since not everyone who comes your way is a potential customer.