Japanese cars are popular in Kenya. Most people may aspire to have German machines. But it is the Japanese vehicles we gravitate to when we want to buy a car within a reasonable price range.
Are you a businessman who wants to import cars from Japan to Kenya in bulk? Are you someone who wants to import your own private car from Japan to Kenya? Read on to learn some things you should know about the process.

Know what you need

The first thing you should do before you import a car from Japan to Kenya is to identify the kind of car you want drive.  You can go about this in many ways.  Checking out online catalogues and visiting car dealers can be put you ahead of the game.  Learn all you need to know about the car you want to drive.  Do you want a new model or a used model? Identify all this beforehand.  Will the vehicle handle the road and climate on this horizon? You have to ask yourself all these questions.

Choose your seller

The next step is to know where to go buy the car from: the source of the vehicle.

You can try online dealers in Japan who list different car models for export.  You will find both car dealers and reputable companies with a listing on their online portals.  One reputable dealer is Car From Japan.

Steps to follow:

  • Log on to the specific website and go through the listings.
  • Identify your car, and check if it meets all the credential your had anticipated beforehand. Some websites will allow you to calculate how much it will cost you.

Place an order

Place an order with the importing company.  You can do this in many ways: web chat, phone, and email; filling online application form.  You can make 50% down payment or the full payment.

The importing company will prepare an invoice for you.  From there, the company will contact the Japanese exporter so as to reserve for you.

From there, clear the pending invoice, and share your receipt with company.


Once the Japanese company confirms the payment, it sets up a shipping schedule with you.  Be sure to with reputable companies to avoid being swindled.  G-rides Car Bazaar can be your best solution when you to want to import a car from Japan to Kenya.

We can assist when it comes to importing a car from Japan, UK, or Thailand.  Talk to us on WhatsApp or Web Chat and we can organize a terrific car deal from you – we will connect you with the best deals possible.

Documents you need to import a car from Japan to Kenya

You will also need relevant documentation to bring in cars from Japan to Kenya. The following are some of the supporting documents you will need to make the importation process smooth. This is according to the Kenya Revenue of Authority:
1. Original bill of lading
2. Original commercial invoice
3. Original logbook from the country of importation. The logbook needs to be cancelled from the country of origin. The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) will need this before giving you an original Kenyan log book.
4. Copy of your PIN certificate or copy of certificate of incorporation (for companies).
5. Certificate provided after pre-shipment inspection (a certificate of the vehicle’s road worthiness).
The exporter in Japan will send you the relevant documents via courier and also provide a tracking number. The documents are necessary for the Kenya Revenue Authority to clear the car you are importing.

Final Thoughts

Importing cars into the country is subject to certain set rules, taxes, and documentation. It is upon you as an importer to do your due diligence and be prepared. It would be a pity for you to begin the importation process, only for you to stop in the middle after you realize you don’t have a required document. Or that you don’t have enough money to pay all the necessary taxes.